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Alan Morris, Andrew Schiff, Angus Macfarlane, Anita Broad, Beth Hise, Bill Hicklin, Bill Humber, Bill Johnson, Bill Ryczek, Bill Wagner, Bob Bailey, Bob Schaefer, Bob Tholkes, Brian Sheehy, Brian Turner, Brock Helander, Bruce Allardice, Caleb Hardwick, Chris Ryland, Colin Dew-Becker, Corky Gaskell, Craig Brown, Craig Waff, César Gonzalez, Dan Selz, Daniel Biddle, David Arcidiacono, David Block, David Nevard, Debbie Shattuck, Dennis Pajot, Dixie Tourangeau, Donna Halper, Dorothy Seymour Mills, Eric Miklich, Frank Ceresi, George Thompson, Glenn Drinkwater, Greg Perkins, Greg Rhodes, Gregory Christiano, Howard Burman, Jan Finkel, Jeffrey Kittel, Jeremy LeBlanc, Jerry Casway, Jim Kimnach, Jim Lannen, Joanne Hulbert, Joe Gray, Joe Territo, John Bowman, John Freyer, John Husman, John Maurath, John Ruoff, John Schiffert, John Thorn, John Zinn, John and Kay Price, Kyle DeCicco-Carey, Larry McCray, Mark Brunke, Mark Schoenberg, Martin Hoerchner, Marty Payne, Mike Vance, Monica Nucciarone, Murray Dubin, Peter Morris, Phil Lowry, Priscilla Astifan, Ralph Carhart, Rich Arpi, Richard Hershberger, Rob Loeffler, Sam Marchiano, Sandy Derenbecker, Scott Fiesthumel, Tom Altherr, Tom Heitz, Trudy Bell, Wayne McElreavy, Wendy Knickerbocker

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NOTE: Material in this section started as a series of short notes on Digger activities and plan as described in past issues of The Next Destin'd Post, a semi-regular newsletter associated with the Protoball Project. Issuance was suspended for some time while Larry McCray served as Chair of the SABR Committee on the Origins of Base Ball and guest editor of the "Special Issue on Origins" of Base Ball Journal (volume 5, number 1, Spring 2011). Updates are always welcome.
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